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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Religious scriptures and their relevance

This morning I wrote to as comment to an article titled WISDOM IS IN SHORT SUPPLY in SPEAKING TREE the following comments Wisdom is never in short supply. The fault lies with the religious preachers who have misinterpreted and also misapplied some concepts out of context because religious scriptures ,all religious scriptures have many things applicable at the time they were written based on the historical, social ,regional and cultural behavioral patterns of that period and place and therefore irrelevant and not required at the present context. Before all these things one must try to first understand why we want religion? what aspect of our life are we going to make religion play a part? Our physical life is governed by natural laws; our social life is governed by social laws, our intellectual life is governed by the power of reasoning; what is left is the spiritual aspect of life dealing with our soul. First we must personally know and feel the existence of soul or spirit in us, not because someone else says so, then try to make use of whatever is said in our religious scriptures and find out whether within our limited perception whether they help us enhance the quality of our soul and spirit and also makes it understand that all other species also have the same soul and are governed by the same universal spirit or spiritual laws. And to this may be added my write up two some years back for a Gandhian Society in Australia

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