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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A day at Apollo Hospitals

The film of physical life in reel after reel 
Reveal the pains the patients feel
While Doctors busily move around to heal
Nurses and paramedics are on their [doctors’] heels [1] 
Ward boys moving the stretcher on wheels 
Restless relatives milling about in the lobby 
A mix of those awaiting the arrival of a new born baby 
To those awaiting results of treatments
All greeted by staff with smiling faces and sympathetic hearts
All events in life are informative or reformative or transformative
Adding to our identity a new adjective
Meaningful, purposeful, useful
Dull or dutiful or deadly or delightful.
While as patient ,after a minor procedure, with pain and discomfort
Wanted to listen to music, the best way to wean away from discomfort;
Typed Maharajapuram Santhanam carnatic songs in Youtube
The first one in that category, all of you can verify, was ‘Marukelara oh Raghava’
Am I to call that co-incidence? You guessed it right I was at 

A great place for
Patient care with
Optimum facilities
Lovely treatment followed by
Laudable service by all staff
Offering a great service in health care

[1] on someone's heels. Immediately behind, in close pursuit. This idiom is used both literally and figuratively.

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