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Saturday, August 18, 2012



1] Everything is a matter of context/situations.

2] We can follow all traditions in all areas of life and sometimes the rituals too but they definitely do not contain any intrinsic value nor can they always produce good, positive or even desired results. This applies to all traditions and rituals all over the world of all religions and regions.

3] We may however do it out of sympathy for satisfying the sentiments of others in society or family, or out of our own addiction to such activities or sometimes out of sheer hypocrisy and so on.

4] I can give valid examples in all areas of life to prove that these are not at all necessary starting from individual life to sports.

5] You can only squeeze your balls with traditional field placements and traditional batting styles in present day cricket for example.

6] Everything in all the universes evolves and grows only out of change or at least modifications and not by mere following of any rituals.

7] I have written a lot about these in as many subjects in my blogs, articles and ppts a small sample from one of blog write ups on Sanathan dharma

 "Everything in any process of growth is just a step, important and inevitable, but not a stop. It is so with mother’s milk [our biological aspect of life]; it is so with learning of alphabets, words and numbers [our intellectual aspect of life]; it is so with hugging, kissing and cajoling as babies [our emotional aspect of life]; it is so with our learning and understanding of different concepts [ our philosophical aspect of life]; it is so with all forms of worship, devotion and all its concomitant rituals and religious practices [ our spiritual life] and so on. This is the inherent wisdom. A normal human being has to go through a process to grow in everything or into something. There may be exceptions like a Adi shankara, or a Bhagawan Ramanamaharishi.

We can neither avoid the steps nor get struck to them. That’s why I cannot accept the snobbism of so called intellectuals parroting pet slogans like religion without rituals, god without religion or religion without gods, spiritualism without god or religion etc. In fact I have books titled in each part of the slogan." These may appeal to youth so strongly that they may end up not trying or learning anything. You must go through everything and throw away everything gradually.
8] Especially when we encounter certain situations in life either of our own making or due to some unknown or unforeseen factors causing some difficulties which we do not know to tackle with our existing stock of knowledge, experience etc then at such time as the Tamil proverb says, ‘EDAI THINNAL PITHAM THELIUM’ we seek out for all possible avenues to give us a solution or remedy. At such times certain things fall into place, due to the grace of supreme power, which is part of us and of which we are part and which operates irrespective of any or all your following of rituals etc
9] You may find the same underlying ideas in these PPTs especially in second one read from slide 84 to 91 and slide 98. The very first slide states certain things and then I go about elaborating philosophically on that.
10] You may all download and read   the following ppts and  pass on your comments there or to or at speakingtree fb page

4] Swami Vivekananda
 Finally either for or against we are all specializing in rationalizing rather than being rational. 

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