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Saturday, August 18, 2012


This was an article I wrote in THE INDIAN EXPRESS dated 26 october 1996 on Agnihotra
The article was titled ‘Was it right?’
The article ‘The importance of being in the dark’ by DR.T.Jagateesan [oct6] was interesting and informative. But I would like to share some more information about melatonin. It is produced by an enzyme on a chemical called serotonin. This serotonin has something to do with the evolution of species because primates, men and apes have more of it than other species.

Another interesting fact is that the bo-tree, the tree under which Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment, produced figs[called ficus religiosa in honour of Guathama]with serotonin content.

Schizophrenic patients are known  to have very low level of serotonin.
The two  important transitional rhythms, sunrise and sunset, which alter melatonin secretion, were probably countered by the ancient Vedic practice of Agnihotra, which involved manipulating  and managing atmosphere by injecting medicinal, mineral and nutritional ingredients through fire. Agnihotra was usually performed in a pit with copper plate or in a copper pot of an inverted semi-pyramid shape. Incidentally copper molecules are pyramid shaped. The word pyramid comes from pyre [fire] amid[the centre].

Probable some scientist can explain the scientific significance of Agnihotra, namely its ability to influence the melatonin content of the pineal glands.
In Agnihotra besides copper we have normally cowdung [which has ammonia, phenol, indol, formalin]ghee from cow’s milk[which has 18 amino acids, five vitamins, eight enzymes,25 minerals, four to five phosphorous compounds, and several nitrogenous substances] and when unbroken rice grains smeared with this ghee are poured into fire, they produce ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, formaldehyde and butapropiolactone.
Does the smoke inhaled manage to get to the pineal gland and effect any change in the melatonin secretion or does it effect any change by destroying the serotonin molecules as do LSD and mescaline.
You may also read now more advanced information on agnihotra

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