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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plastic for pickles

Plastic for pickles may not be okay. Please avoid if you can. There is no research to substantiate any claim yet. However, pickles are highly acidic, and caution is called for.

Pickles are mostly made from citrus-containing fruits such as young mango, lemon, ginger, etc. Acidic substances tend to interact with plastics. Low quality plastics, after a time period, start leaking a substance called phthalates (compound of phthalic acid) into the food. Phthalates are being investigated for several health issues, including infertility. Young children today start on plastic bottled drinks and water very early in age. There is no saying what the effects will be - perhaps we will see it in years to come. THE EFFECTS ARE STILL BEING STUDIED BY SEVERAL RESEARCH AGENCIES, AMONG THEM THE FDA OF THE US. Harvard Medical journals say the FDA has not found any phthalates in plastic bottles since the 1980s. However, a lot of the plastic bottles thrown in the developed world have been making their way through the "recycling" program to third world countries.

Please read the attachments here for more information from the internet on phthalates. Not to mention the harmful environment effects such as the Pacific Garbage patch.

Don't just save yourselves and your children, but save the environment too. Use "jhaadis" or "bharanis" or "kachhattis" or steel or glass or ceramics in the house. Feed young babies with "kokurnams". Avoid plastic spoons in liquids. Use steel, just like our earlier generation did. buy the more expensive steel bottles for water in the fridge. Or use glass bottles. (You will notice that the water is in fact tastier! Test it for yourself.)

If you have to use plastic, use it for dry storage, and avoid microwaving in them to be safer.

Say NO to plastics of all kinds if you want to be more cautious and health-conscious. Set a tradition now!

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