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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Padmanabhasamy temple-HERITAGE, Integrity of Travancore Royal House

Padmanabhasamy temple

 Excellent comments from a Srilankan Catholic that nails every other crooked argument against Padmanabhasamy temple..

Hello All, I am a Catholic from Sri Lanka. Probably I may be a better person to give an external view of this.

1) It doesn’t matter to whom this temple or treasures belong to. That is immaterial

2) Whatever that has been found in the vault why do people have to look at it as GOLD, SILVER, DIAMONDS and etc ?? Why are u people looking at it only by the material value??

3) There are things that are more valuable than GOLD SILVER AND DAIMONDS. It is called HERITAGE

4) Do anyone understand the word HERITAGE I doubt not.

5) Whatever that has been found in the temple is OUR HERITAGE. Whether we belong to Bharath or not, whether we are Hindus, Christian or Muslims. This is a part of the heritage of our land.

6) These treasures are not valued in material value they should be valued against our history. This is a part of our history which we have to be proud of.

7) I am sure each of these pieces will bear evidence for our past what do the coins of Napoleonic era say definitely they say there was a rich trade between Europe and Bharath. Is it only that?? No it says that we were producing goods and they were depended on us to purchase it. Similarly if properly analyzed each will bear evidence to our glorious past.

9) But unfortunately some IDIOTS only think of their stomach and talk tell give this to the poor!!!! And some say develop the country with this money.

10) How were you guys planning to develop this country prior to finding these??

11) 2G spectrum it is said the scandal is worth 1 lakh crore almost equivalent to this treasure, why don’t you guys find that lost money and use it for poverty eradication and development.

12) Some reports say Indians have more money in the Swiss accounts putting rest of the whole world together. Why don’t you get that money and use it for the poor.

13) Why do u want to destroy our HERITAGE.

14) Those who want to misuse this wealth are trying to find easy options. You guys are not bothered to get those hidden money in Swiss account then why bother to destroy our heritage.
15) Worst part is someone says to auction these………… My foot. Can I ask you something. Who is going to evaluate the real value?? What are they going to do with what they have bought?? Melt it ?? I am sure you won’t be bothered because all what you are bothered is making money and eating it ? Who is going to buy it ?? Indians……….. If so why can’t you get that money from those Indians and use it for the poor and development ???? Aha you mean it will be bought by the Westerners ?? That means you guys want to sell our heritage and history to Westerners???
  If money is so important why not sell your own wife, mother, sister and daughter ?? I am sure you  will get more money to give the poor and to infrastructure development!!!!

16) someone has even said that  this money is from the tax and gifts to the king and the temple. So what?. All over the world all the governments levied taxes. All over people give money to temples and churches and the respective administrative bodies preserve it??

17) So some have asked why to keep it locked up?? Do you know the meaning of national wealth ?? I would of course like to have a high security museum and for people like us to come and admire it and know our glorious past. Trust me my friend you will make more money from tourist on the long run than this wealth, while retaining this as well.

18) Why are you people now very concerned about this wealth ? Did anyone of you know about it till 27th of June ?

19) I am sure many of you know about the Big temple in Tanjore. There are inscriptions to say how much of gold and jewelry was given by Rajaraja cholan and his sister and wife to the temple and what has happened to all those wealth?? At least here the Majarajah’s preserved it.

 Let me come to a recent news item. How many of you guys know that many of the rare jewelry given to Thirupathy by then Emperor Krisnadevarayar had gone missing !!!! and it is said that they melted it to make new jewelry. I think that is a cock and bull story. Thirupathy has enough new gold to make jewelry there was no need to melt these perhaps someone in-charge made a good use of it. And mind you guys it was rare antique jewelry. How many of you have made noise over it? What action has been taken towards it ?? Nothing isn’t it.

21) At least here these have been preserved for 100s of years.

22) I am sure the Travancore royal house was aware of the wealth in it. May not be exact amount but I am sure they knew all the riches that was there. But they haven’t touched them. That shows their integrity and honesty. Had they done this up to now I am sure they will do it for another 1000 years too.

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