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Sunday, August 19, 2012



Every organization, especially big corporate houses function with not only many individuals with different academic and other skill sets, from a wide variety of socio cultural backgrounds etc but also multiple factors which operate and which need to be operative to ensure smooth functioning and successful growth. All these factors come into play at different points of time, they have their own impact however minimal and all they have to be acknowledged as inevitable, if not vital part of an organization.

If we choose to ignore them they will be the irritant pop up screens which will hamper overall vision of growth. Therefore, the only option we have is to juggle with all these factors based on the contextual and situational exigencies by emphasizing the preference, priority and precedence of certain factors over the rest in that particular context more in the interests of the organization rather than that of the individual’s interest either that of  the employer or employee.
We are not discussing any cadre and class as this applies to all, be it a promoter, owner, shareholder, boss, worker, watch man etc.

Let us see now what these many factors are? How they are factored in? How important each one of them is?

We are not going to discuss their actual impact as it varies from case to case.

Let us not churn out complicated theories or cram our ears with jargon laden treatises. Instead to enable everyone to remember all these factors let us come out with acronymic prose which would enable us to remember easily as a mnemonic. It is a one sentence Mantra
                                    PEACEFUL WORK PAYS TO PROMOTE GROWTH

P sychological and physical factors of every one,
E mployee Privileges,
A bilities of every one,
C onventions followed culturally and socially,
E xchanges between and among all staff,
F unctional Practices in prevalence,
U tility value of each person,
L aid down Rules and regulations,

W orkable and worthy goals,
O pportunities,
R esponsibilities of every one,
Kindness in the form of encouragement and incentives,

P rocedures and norms and
A ll these together
Y oke Duties
S uccessfully

T owards
O verall targets to

P erform
R esourcefully
O perating with
M anagement and all other staff
O ffering
T o
E nhance

G rowth either with or without group discussions and conferences
R evenue
O verall profitability
W ith
T otal team work within a perfect
H ospitable environment.

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