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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We need to set right lot of things, undo many of our past mistakes

We need to set right lot of things, undo many of our past mistakes
There is no point in continuously complaining about many bluffs made by the westerners as that was the tool with which they ruled and continue to rule the world. However why they rule? While we have been only grumbling why? It is high time we raise our economic stature, power and start owning or having control over major media I mean search engines, television channels only then we can establish truth. Otherwise we can at best react to every issue that goes against truth, that too, very late and by the time the falsehood has got enough credibility that people dismiss you as a fanatic without any job. We have failed to document our knowledge, resources and achievements in all fields, we have failed to publicize, we have allowed ourselves to be raped by whoever came to rule us; we have not taken pains to master and create if not anything new at least our ancient scriptures which unfold and unravel many gems useful for the whole of humanity and make it to have a global appeal and acceptance. When the power was decided by  war and establishing authority we sulked and prided ourselves as big pacifists and as a result we have a religion where even goddesses have weapons and there are so many stories of them waging fierce battles we passively allowed to be raped by whichever invader came and submissively obeyed them. When industrial revolution made huge strides we failed to make a mark we improved belatedly, when modern military R & D was promoted everywhere we did nothing, when media started ruling the world as mass opinion molders we just remained mute spectators or copied others, when the internet revolution started we were willingly working for them as a result be it Microsoft, Google or Del or Yahoo who owns them and who can manipulate them, all our top brains may be the CEOs and techies but they are not the key to operate and manipulate; initially we suffered from a sense of superiority complex before the middle ages and enjoyed unquestioned superiority but in exclusivity [ this is an undeniable fact irrespective of whatever justification is given to support this]. We failed to understand that in the process of human evolution, especially the advancement of civilization and its growth it is imperative to link everything in a broad inclusive structure of social aspects involving harmony among all human beings around, after all human beings are primarily animals, and then social beings then evolved human beings or even divine beings. There must be a conscious effort to structure and cater to every ring in this ladder of evolution; this is only a broad outline. Unfortunately we have failed to pay attention to this fact especially as a group we have even failed to acknowledge these facts. We, I mean the Indians in general, have culturally evolved as a very sophisticated, enlightened species wherein the individual human being was given immense importance than the group. That’s why even all aspects of our life has this imprint of importance for individual excellence, enjoyment and enlightenment rather than collective good or group harmony , ideally that should be the outcome if every individual in the group elevated himself in totality of life. There is very old joke. once when one British was bragging about how lucky were the species that got a chance to be in NOAH's boat and turning to the Indian sitting by his side he asked what you Indians would have done if such a thing happened in Hindustan to which the Indian replied then each one of us would have built or had a boat for us and not depend on one Noah. That’s why in our religion the individual independent worship in the form of meditation is important; in music the individual improvisation and melody is stressed unlike the western music where harmony is given more importance; we never master any team sport and if at all we shine in any team sport that is the result of few individual excellence; our medicines like Siddha and Ayurveda do not accept or advocate universal application to any disease [rightly so, because the same disease could be for different reasons in different individuals and its impact also will be different and may require different types or at least different levels of treatment; all our best dance forms are performed by individuals; all our greatest monuments have been carved by a few dedicated and talented sculptors and so on and so forth but the unfortunate negative side of it is, that it also created lack of social cohesion and the gradual subconscious development of total lack of concern to share and in many cases indifference too. This continues even today in many families which are low middle class, one fellow will be fortunate to go and work abroad and earn a lot but he would not bother to contribute and develop the status of his own family, leave alone the society. There are some exceptions.
. We are also gregarious in appreciating something or someone and unkind in our criticisms. Everything and everyone suffers from unloving criticism and uncritical love. The whole nation will adulate some without any sense of perception or criticize the cricket team heartlessly when they fail in a tournament. This is an unbecoming contradiction of the Indian psyche which while always promoting individual importance resorts to collective folly of adulation and criticism for irrelevant reason. This started with some of our popular leaders, a sort of hypocrisy adopted to camouflage our short comings and used as an effective tool to divert others from perceiving our short coming and in the process gradually and subconsciously we failed to even notice the short comings. We have seen how even our most respected leaders resorting to all attention grabbing activities to project themselves as an ascetics, making a big propaganda about their religious practices and as a result they became an incorrigible and incomprehensible mixture meandering in vacuous inanity. In these aspects we are as bad as the Americans who suffer from mass paranoia and untreatable fear psychosis. We need to set right lot of things, undo many of our past mistakes, amend our innate weakness of indifference and lack of sense of sharing and caring and learn to grow as a cohesive team of excellent individuals.

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