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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The first person to candidly accept and declare that only competition will rule with real life incidents and examples was one of my favorite Rajineesh [Osho] who said some 25 years back rather started his particular speech saying that our life is not decided by any or many theories of evolution but by competition and he went on to say we were born after one out of the millions of sperms competed successfully and reached the ovary to start our life’s journey. In real life and more so in commercial life there are multiple factors which determine the competitive edge of each one. Even with all the possible lateral thinking only a certain aspects get into the ambit of our perception [ ] and we miss out the rest of the subtle, lurking.... aspects in any field. Our life itself is decided and run on these yet unknown, unknowable mysteries for which our imagination has given many names, forms and also has taken many more from traditions and cultures and we may call them/ label them as different gods with different potentialities. One great advantage of this is ,at least this makes our ego to be humble and accept and acknowledge that there are many factors ,elements, aspects etc in every frequency of life that is beyond the ken of all our understanding and, correctly understanding this, is in fact the true understanding. There is an excellent verse or saiyul in Tirumular TiruMandiram it is titled as Kelvi Kettu Amaidal. Ask all questions and then keep quiet, do not jump to conclusions or judgments. That’s why even the greatest of texts suffer from different interpretations.-BALAYOGI

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