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Friday, January 14, 2011


Aug 24,2009
Dear Shri Balayogi
It is quite interesting to go through your write up .I am very proud to have you in my mind.Ihave traveled widely but could get people like you when I was travelling in Madras bound train from Coimbatore to Meet His Holiness.Similarly I could meet a Lady Medico who is very simple, egoless, telling her past education as such (as against Professionalists in the health care) at Coimbatore Swamiji’s Ashram and another one Pamabushan,aged about 80 who is with swamiji.I consider that these three personalities are the people who touched my mind and soul. If we have more population like these people in the midst of us I feel, the world will revolve with out any hitch and there is no need to have organized or under organized groups who may call it as caste or religion.
It is not uncommon one to see that Westerners with comparatively high conscious level (about 700) are serious in getting down to the scripture and path that are available in this noble land (one of the two places where man kind emerged the other being African continent as per the very recent Anthropological conclusion made by a renowned UK Anthropologist) with the conscious level is hardly 250 -300 as the material wealth they accrued did not give their population peace, sleep and happiness. But ours though not yielding unwanted comports yields peace, sleep and happiness. The processes of conversion through materials may be one of the reasons for the sufferings. We could not improve our conscious level further, I think, because of the group conflict that was there and persisting even today. It is being used by gonads and ruling.
All the existing big groups are the offshoot of Indian thoughts only. The subdivisions are all due to the processes of exploitation constantly made by Man. As I told you earlier I am very very small man and do not know anything including English spelling for the group names and also the treaties put forth by various exploiters and groups during different periods of evolution of the modern man. I think what the First Thirthankar (who is made by us as a founder of Jainism with out following his teaching by all if I am correct) said on how to live (you can get them in the net) has been modified variously to suit the living condition and also exploitation processes under different group headings and we are following some of his teachings.
The following quotes you have mentioned in your lengthy interesting write up on New Religious Movements- NRM have attracted me.
“Any one who longs for God with all his heart, and cries for God like a lost child for its mother will find God”.
“I believe in God who reveals himself in the harmony of what exists”. “God is a creator of everything, and from Him everything functions”.

“In whatsoever way men may resort to Me, even so, do I bless them in every way, the path men follow reaches Me, indeed, Ultimately”.
“Spirituality cannot be comprehended by ordinary intelligence”.

“Take religion from human society and what will remain? Nothing but a forest of brutes ….man enjoys his spiritual nature even more than his rational nature”.
“Good life is one guided by knowledge and inspired by love”.

1. Love that Supreme Being who is One without a second and whom different religions call by different names.

2. Respect the founders of all great religions as equally divine personalities, as messengers of the increasing purpose of history.

3. Love all humanity as the visible manifestation of the Supreme, regardless of colour, creed, race, and Nationality.

4. Tolerance and try to understand different viewpoints, even the viewpoints of enemies, heretics, atheists, and agnostics.

5. Know thyself, realize the full potential of your existence, and offer your best in the service of society.

6. Follow the middle path, practice moderation and steer clear opposite extreme.

7. Love Nature as the viable language of the Supreme and intelligently follow Her guidance.

8. Recognize truth wherever you find it , drawing spiritual nourishment from all available sources the World over.

9. Cultivate devotion to higher values, and function as a creative channel thereof.

10. Participate in the evolutionary being of the World in conscious Union with the Eternal.

Baha U’allah thought about unity, brotherhood, universal education, global language and a world government, etc. His one-world social consciousness and organization envisage:
1. Unity of all Religions;
Oneness of the human race;
3. Independent investigation of truth;
Religion must be the cause of Unity;
5. Freedom from prejudices of all kinds- National, Political , Racial, Religious and Class.
6. Equality of Men and Women.
7. Universal education.
8. Reconciliation of science and religion.
9. A universal Auxiliary language.
10. Solution of the economic problem.
11. A universal tribunal for settlement of international problems.
12. World peace, etc.
What I feel the Oneness (I have quoted in my paper too on Genesis of some caste……”) should come to the earth for peaceful living of human race. This is being preached by one of our Spiritualists whom you know very well. Several hundreds of westerners are marching towards him for getting material benefit as well as peace, sleep and happiness. I may not be there to see the oneness but you may be there to enjoy this phenomenon for understanding what for GOD has sent us to the earth.
Convey my Greetings to Baby and your better-off.
With kind personal Regards

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