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Friday, January 14, 2022

Politics of present times

Modern day requirements demand that politics must transcend wherever necessary the identities and labels.

In reality, thankfully it is emerging.

There is very little Left left, no right Right and nothing is centered on any Center. In a way these terms are like neutral journalism. 

Real politics is all about Social Engineering ensuring optimum utilization of the available  resources to provide maximum benefit to the maximum number of people on various aspects like economy, health care, social harmony, regional cultural activities, certain time tested cardinal values which are  good for cohabitation of all human beings and a feeling of national pride along with promoting global concerns and cooperation. 

All these must also ensure that a livable planet is bequeathed to our future generations.

Healthy conditions can be planned and programmed if those scripting any political narrative realize to do away with the outdated dichotomy of Left and Right because life, especially socio-cultural and economic life, has many dimensions each having its own dynamics and in addition there are also those emanating from intersectionality and interactions and all of these manifest themselves with varying degrees of intensity. Fortunately life and all its concomitant evolutions happen despite and beyond the blinkered narratives peddled by status quo addicts of trite dichotomies and have made visible various options between, besides, beneath and above those dichotomies, and these may strengthen the wings and enable the discourse to soar into unbiased zones and offer some solutions to many present day problems faced by humanity.

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