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Friday, January 14, 2022


When one matures along with unbiased observations followed by philosophical enquiry to know the intrinsic attributes of everyone, everything and every issue and contextually evaluate the relevance or inevitability of them as they are, as well as use relevant frames of references to understand them, then, one ends up gaining wisdom to rectify  those that are rectifiable in one's capacity, to accept or to ignore those that cannot be and to move on with life. 

Aftercall, life is mortal which we cannot afford to spend too much on analysis and anger.  

But we must not stop questioning with the why? How? When? Where? ​and so on,​ but act according to what best suits us without harming others.

Fate and freewill are like the Horizontal and Vertical planes of a staircase that can help us move up. 

If we practice and adopt a philosophical attitude as indicated in para one along with viewing life with a broader outlook and factor in various relevant perspectives to understand , adjust and accommodate, then those Horizontal and Vertical planes of steps will turn into a smooth escalator and enable us to move up.  

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