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Friday, January 14, 2022

media diversion

In India we think , talk and exhibit an attitude of great and extreme sophisticated  modern scientific adaptation to methods and rational outlook.

However, when it comes to implementation and action all healthy public posturing get inside the shell to hide due to filthy personal agenda. 

It is good that at least now people are thinking of governance, reforms, leveraging on making optimal use of technology etc. 

But then, in India the scope of  every issue does not have just 360 degree view. 

Depending on the ideology or sponsors it can vary from 3 degrees to 3 million degrees. Sometimes they will use a microscope, sometimes magnifying glass, sometimes telescope etc to scan and view.

In this case also groups will question compromise of privacy, Cybersecurity protection, who will be the controlling or nodal agency to be the referee and so on​.

However, ironically, all these will be debated by the judge all and omni issue specialist umpires of media and social media. 

The issue will get so over cooked, fried up and spiced by these two( MSM and SM) that one may not be able to recognize the real or original issue as it was before getting fried up. Or one may get diverted to the extent to focus on subplots and side stories at the cost of the original story. Or it may get superimposed on utterly unconnected platforms and/or get extrapolated based on some totally irrelevant pet ideology.

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