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Friday, January 14, 2022

Business perspective is vital

Can we conduct any format of game unless it earns revenue. 

Schooling and college are to be seen as education industry;
Hospitals are to be seen as healthcare industry; 

Games are to be seen as sports industry; 

Agricultural cultivations and harvests are to be seen as food industry;

Automobile vehicles of all types are to be seen as mobility industry;

Rituals, sermons and pilgrimages are to be seen as religious industry; 

Drama and films are to be seen as entertainment industry;

Music, dance, arts are to be seen as cultural industry;

Research and Development  and Science are to be seen as technology or medical industry;

Activist protests are to be seen as anarchy peddlers industry;

Sensational narratives and news are to be seen as media industry;

Ideology based political contests are to be seen as social engineering industry;

Governance based policy frame works are to be seen as government  industry; 

Business of politics is to enable a conducive ecosystem and to ensure all these businesses run smoothly ( with self sustenance and profit- part of which political leaders either in power or out of it gain to sustain their business)

We must be more than happy that thanks to  some persons we started looking at making money for the BCCI. 

Otherwise, India would be as charged up and as motivated a team as Scotland/Ireland. 

Old folks and aged people tend to criticize every new trend. They are not able to exercise detachment from nostalgia, which is sometimes understandable as business focus may compromise on subtle nuances and aesthetics.

However, the elderly people  must also become ' mature ' to understand that the inevitable changes leading to transformation may be as good , if not, better ( in many aspects in most realms) than what they had  experienced during their youth.

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