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Friday, January 14, 2022

Ignore them to make them realize their ignorance

Some people ​may be well informed, highly opinionated, very articulate but totally lack a sense of purpose and fail to see things in a larger perspective and behave very immaturely. 

The dynamics of obvious international politics itself is difficult or hardly understood by a very few, even among heads of state as they rely on known sources of information, imagine the dynamics of  hidden agenda and simmering discontent based dimensions of slithering international secretive schemes which only a very few may know and fewer still will be willing to share with appropriate authorities. 

So, the best way to deal with such pseudo verbal diarrhea secreting ​desperate social engineering amateurs and ​mediocre ​maniacs ​engaged in ​mental masturbati​on​ with opinions but ​manage ​parade under the mask of  either ' intellectuals or liberals' ( because these two terms carry an aura of worthiness​,​ but not ​disoriented from​ humaneness or respect for the nation​,​ is to ignore them and/or make them realize their ignorance.

Thanks to technological advancements, even these so- called intellectuals , if only they bother to know on a daily basis multiple news items across the globe and try to perceive with nationalistic interest as a frame of reference, then they would cease to be ignorant and know the really the facts.

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