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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Relevance is in general based on frames of references to find connectivity

Relevance is in general based on frames of references to find connectivity which will be difficult to find if one gets stuck​​ in some selective identity or fixation or Mentalese of comfort zone where anything that does not fit into the expected answer becomes incomprehensible. 

The beauty is then how people find relevance in observance of anything that is not tangibly visible or understood. 

We need not even talk of things beyond normal reach like clairvoyance, clair-audience, ESP, aura study etc.

For example , relevance and connectivity of carrot to the eyes is possible only when one includes vitamin A as one of the frames of reference.  Not seeing carrots as a vegetable and eyes as human organs.

I repeat for whatever relevance it may have for the 'n' nth time. " It is not often our perception but the scale of observation and frames of reference which create the phenomenon. The scale of observation depends on man; it is he who creates it. In nature, different scales of observation do not exist. There is only one immense, harmonious phenomenon on a scale which, in general, escapes man. The structure of man's brain necessitates dividing into arbitrary compartments and cutting up into isolated pieces. With the aid of several instruments science creates more phantasmagoria: "on our scale of human observation, as pointed out before, the edge of a razor-blade is a continuous line. On the microscopic scale, it is a broken but solid line. On the chemical scale we have atoms of iron and carbon. On the sub-atomic scale we have electrons in perpetual motion which travel at the rate of several thousand miles per second. All these phenomena are in reality the manifestations of the same basic phenomenon, the motions of the electrons. The only difference which exists between them is the scale of observation" [Human Destiny, Lecomte du Nuoy- a marvelous book that everyone must read.

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