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Sunday, January 20, 2019

classical Carnatic music

Well said.

Classical music is an ART where 

Takes precedence over 

Technical exhibitions as 

Repository of 
Technicalities are already embedded for embellishment and experience of aesthetics in the compositions.

Most important of them is aesthetic content which one must grasp and render according to the limitations of one's voice without excessive decorations or distortions.

This does not require excess of niravals, mixes of unmeasured  elongations of resonance with stresses and pauses, nexus of noisy accompaniments but very subtle nuances of well measured, structured and patterns of sound.

These are necessary only for compositions.

However , the artist is at liberty to unleash any frills in alapana and kalpana swaras.

If an artist can capture the nuances in various gamakas that alone  would be great.

Here is a very comprehensive and crystal clear demonstration of gamakas 

One of the most precise and perfect demonstration of minutest nuances of voice culture which go onto embellish a vocal rendering.

Voice Culture - Lecture demonstration - Dr. M Balamuralikrishna

Another good demo of voice culture impregnated with certain unique features of Indian classical music

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