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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Music in essence

First let us not give undue publicity to anyone.

Second such a person needs to be rescued from his penchant to rush to conclusions and pronouncements with his pseudo knowledge of the subject.

Anyone who cannot understand and evaluate the art and science of music from its various dimensions inherently and intrinsically musical per se, and then, study as well the relevance of lyrics [not music] in/with contextual perspective is not worth giving importance.

Looking at, evaluating and interpreting anything with different, varied and newer perspectives has to emerge and to be encouraged.

However, if it gets down to mere verbalization depriving the subject matter of its essence /inherent attribute /intrinsic value then such observations have to be dismissed.

This is where sometimes one is forced to go back with humility to refer to certain scholarly souls who have documented the greatness of many things in proper perspective unsullied by any personal ideological extrapolation.

One such work is by a pilot by profession but the depth and bandwidth of his knowledge, grasping power, understanding and the ability to communicate all of them in a very poetic and romantic prose as well, is in the works of Guy Murchie.[I am referring to this author here because of the subject matter music.

In his wonderful book 'The Seven Mysteries of Life' , [ I have read it at least 10 times ] perhaps the first single book to write about evolutionary biology, evolutionary sociology, evolutionary psychology, evolutionary linguistic skills etc. He places music as the ultimate mystery and manifestation of divinity because it can through its vibrations and frequencies touch the inner chords of many species.

Similarly, even to understand what goes on in the mind of a creative music composer cannot be analysed on a laboratory table through dissection.

The dynamics of creativity evolve, often even without, beyond and besides the conscious awareness based attempts of the creative composer.

Sullivan in his small book on the biography of Beethovan has attempted to make a wonderful study of the psychology of Beethovan's creative instinct.

Beethoven: His Spiritual Development by J. W. N. Sullivan

Music is both Jagath seva and Jaganatha seva.

As Jagath seva it entertains and engages human emotions and attention and as Jaganatha seva it re- links the inner self with some superior self /selves/ supramental realm and for those initiated through religion into devotion -which is nothing but an obsessively desirous and focused attention and concentrated activity or thought process with total intensity and intense totality.

Re-link is Latin Re-ligere from which the word RELIGION relinking of the individual soul with a universal soul [ Jeevathma with paramathma].

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