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Monday, January 14, 2019

Feminism versus Faith

Feminism versus Faith in TOI tries to sound slightly moderate ( rare in today's MSM).

I am neither willing to relax with the Right nor live with the Left.

So, rest assured that nothing is left in my right observations devoid of identity barriers.

However, your supposedly moderate article, inserts, inevitably, through nuanced terminology some entrenched indoctrinated biases ( which have become part of media reporting) like:-

1. ' reactionary right and rational left', why not, ' radical Left or leftover Left'?
Why always appropriate terms like rational, liberal to the leftover Left.

2. ' Purity-obsession' why not 'steadfast adherence to some tradition or practice'.

3. ' Socially rigid and hierarchical'.

Please show me a single institution or organisation without hierarchy. Left parties in India are so hierarchy obsessed that no left party head or CM ( I don't want to call them leaders) is allowed to leave till they die or are 90 plus.

4. ' Feminist activism'. No it is selective and sponsored revolt, where was it when nun rape case was going on? 

5. This very notion of ' versus' must be, in my opinion made into 'and' as a sincere WABI-SABI  (Japanese  word:- Much has been written on this Japaneseconcept, but in a sentence, one might be able to understand it as “a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.”)

6. Like evolutionary biology, there are evolutionary trends, metamorphosis or constant changes in social systems, philosophies, sciences, linguistics, arts, languages and so on.

7. Unless we observe and study them i.e. the evolutionary trends /changes in all spheres of life with contextual relevance we may not live in tune with the whole of life and will continue to view life in bits and pieces.
Though it is easy to analyze life in bits and pieces but then that is a wrong perspective imbued with lot of inevitable prejudices.

8.As a result of this wrong perspective and attitude there is an unending list of these ‘versus’:-Faithful versus unfaithful; Religious versus irreligious; Science versus Religion; Science or religion versus spirituality; Tradition versus taboo; Technology versus Humanity.

9. I can elaborate the damage these perspectives have done to the development of humanity leading to petrified ideologies, putrefied perspectives, and puerile interpretation of many things and ended up viewing various polarity principles as paradoxes.

10. So, it is time for us to go beyond all divisive paradoxes and experience the synergy so that we may keep in tune with everything.

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