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Sunday, August 5, 2018

What? Why? How? and When? of economic reforms.

What? Why? How? and When? of economic reforms.

Have the reforms moved away from clandestinely favoring the few to actually benefiting the many?

Are these reforms are of any worth to India's economic growth? 

To all those who want to know the facts beyond political mudslinging and  ideologically extrapolated interpretations of reforms in the past 4 years. (what?)

To all those who feel suffocated and uneasy in various businesses and activities in the realm of trade and commerce in the past 2 years.( why?)

To all those who may not know the real global scenario and comparative economic growth potential of India and the concomittant advantage of investing in India both by Indians and others ( how?)

To all those who are wondering is there any tangible outcome out of all the loud noises of reforms (when?)

First the reforms have not been mere tinkering here and there or just cosmetic changes to existing modes of operations or mere over hyped projections.

Second reforms are at macro economic level and therefore it is possible that the micro impacts and inadequacies will get only proportional attention and will be addressed and they may not be or cannot be prioritized. Though it is harsh on the victims and those at the receiving end.

However, in the over all interest, especially, of a nation as vast and varied in almost all parameters, even trying to effect drastic macro economic reforms is a very difficult and daring political risk.

The task is rendered further difficult through a predominantly ill informed, misinformed and anti-development attitude imbued mainstream media who set the negative narratives for the illiterate and semi-literate masses as well as a easy tool to provoke some victims by exaggerating and ascribing political motives to the suffering of those victims.

Besides all these, the very foundation of bringing in reforms depends on creating primarily a paradigm shift in the very perspective of economic activities with a great movement towards positive growth strategies i.e. from excessive politics in government towards governance; from anarchy towards rules, systems, processes, procedures based functioning; from clandestinely favoring the few towards actually benefiting the many; from blindly believing and parroting the narratives towards properly educating through producing impartial data on tangible outcomes on ground.
To all those who are or were experiencing discomfort through uncertainty, I am sure these two short speeches will give much clarity. 

Actually one short speech made in English and well translated by a sincere Chartered Accountant in Tamil.

I wish someone translates them in all other regional languages in India.

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