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Sunday, August 5, 2018

celebrity veneration nonsense

Why can't we avoid calling film celebrities for even good causes?

1. Any project or promotion needs to use whatever gets you mileage.

2. In the realm of business promotion prioritizing expediency over relative value systems is preferable.Till your brand can live happily on its own.

3. See the success stories of political parties , a rank enemy with totally contradictory ideology will be accepted as a partner.

4. Finally, the most important thing to note anywhere is synergy and there cannot be any untouchables or outcastes if you want cooperation and collaboration.

5.. This celebrity veneration nonsense cannot be avoided anywhere as human beings natural physical and emotional vulnerabilities will be always lurking round the corner for opportunity.

6. Only thing we must ensure it that these things do not dominate too much to take away the core substance of the activity.

7. The popular saying that doing any business without enough publicity is like ' winking at a girl in the dark' to express your liking.

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