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Thursday, August 16, 2018

A to Z in today's TOI

Those who sit inside the media chambers to spin out manipulative narratives can only pen some A to Z  of  negativeness and can never know the charms of a great country.

Too much of negativity is a dangerous whirlpool which can suck the very people who are trying to go too near in their enthusiasm to  zoom and project it as if it is the whole river.

“When we think of the past, we forget the fools and remember the sage.  We reverse the process for our own time”.  ~George Boas

This has become the sickening business of main stream media which has already become froth filler from fourth pillar with masks of assigning labels, biased belittling, counter culture cartels, divisive deliberations, hidden agendas, insulated ideologies, manipulating mass opinions, simmering selectivity, ideological overtones, political undercurrents , victimhood peddling….

A to Z of your  sectarianism is getting exposed. We have a research team that is working on media bias and their declining popularity across the globe
Abundance of appropriations and assigning of labels;
Belittling based on biases;
Cocooning inside crafty cartels of counter culture;
Deliberating always to divide;
Expressions enforcing entrenched exchanges;
Filtering to find and flog favorite foes;
Getting inside a garb to get glamour of Grand standing;
Harboring hypocritically the hidden agendas;
Innuendos to instigate others and insulate ideological identity;
Judging everyone and everything as a judge all exponents;
Kindling every kind of animosity to keep your profession afloat;
Leveraging on lurking Left over loyalties;
Manipulating mass opinions as part of media mafia;
Neutralizing counter narratives neatly thorough
Overtones of
Politicized perverted patronizing and preachy presentations;
Reviews and revelations all
Simmering with sleazy selectivity;
Tedious thought provocations to toe
Undercurrents of unashamed peddling of
Victimhood as a viable or valuable business
Wrecking wisdom of working on positive options and solutions;
X-raying endlessly to find faults and fractures to enhance the
Yield out of victimhood peddling business by
Zooming and zapping selectively many facets humanity to suit your own identity.

A to Z of media as perceived by public
Clandestine connections,
Double standards,
Eve’s dropping,
Focusing on flimsy issues,
Giving disproportionate importance,
Hidden agenda,
Judge- all experts [self appointed] on everything and everyone,
Killing positive activities,
Lobbying with lurking suspicion,
Negative reporting,
Opinion spilling to mask facts,
Propagating half truths,
Questioning everyone else’s activities like judicial activism, bureaucratic blocks bla bla,
Resorting to resurrecting divisive agendas even when the public has forgotten,
Selective Sting operations,
Trials by reporters and anchors,
Unleashing unrestrained comments on all institutions with ulterior motives,
Verbally vindicate their pet groups,
Whims and fancies of pay masters publicized,
X-raying into private lives of selective individuals,
Yielding willingly to selective ideologies,
Zeroing in on targets based on their selective amnesia and collective indifference.

 A to Z of how media credibility and integrity DROPS and creeps and seeps in DROPS?

DROP by DROP and DROP after DROP.

Atrocious adulation of anarchy of DROPS and arrogantly assigning labels but apologies  interred in inner pages;

Banal branding based on bias in favor of DROPS;

Callous criticisms, carefree caricaturing and contempt to promote DROPS;

Decadent diatribe on developmental issues and driveling on despicable dramas of  DROPS;

Exaggerating and encouraging enmity among everyone in every possible way scripted by  DROPS;

Fuelling ferocity and fear psychosis among common folks but favoritism towards DROPS;

Hyper ventilating hypocritically with hidden agenda of DROPS;

Generating controversies out of every statement and scandals in every situation to suit  slogans  of DROPS;

Instigating and indoctrinating inexperienced but impressionable adolescents into       ideological  identities of DROPS;  

Jeopardizing joy of social calmness to promote DROPS;

Kindling killer instincts but kowtowing to prescribed opinions of DROPS;

Legitimizing lawlessness when loyalty of media lurks towards DROPS;

Murky motives and murkier deeds meander through DROPS in main stream media;

Nicely networking nefarious nexus with certain ideology peddlers of DROPS;

Over doing ideological hatred towards some to show the simmering discontent of the DROPS;

Politics and politicization dominate every debate and perverted projections propagated as  popular perception to prop up the DROPS;

Questioning a few endlessly and irrelevantly on everything but silent on questionable individuals and issues emanating from DROPS;

Reporting as revolutions relentlessly the constantly leaking DROPS;

Selective amnesia and collective indifference- the grand ideology of DROPS;

Tom-toming about trivial DROPS as top achievements and trivializing real reforms;

Unrelenting in promoting anti-social activities of DROPS; 

Violating all standards of journalistic integrity and vocalizing victim hood a symptom of   DROPS;

Working to wedge a divide among all at all costs to reap dividends the modus operandi of   DROPS;

X-ray into certain issues, foray into some, bray at some but silent on negative impact of   these   DROPS;

Yodel for pay masters from DROPS in the name of respecting their privacy at normal    times  and publicity for them at election times;

Zealous media reporting with zero integrity is getting zoomed every day and ending up  with   zero respect from one and all DROP by DROP.

DROPS refers to something 

Devoid of 

Rationalism but 


Politicization to
Sensationalize, done usually through

Road shows, 
Protests and 

When it is 

Deployed as 
Peacefully and 
Sensibly that too occasionally with rationality and scientifically well informed with evidences then it will be welcomed by all.

Marya Mannea has prescribed to media a great message long back ,  " It is not enough to show people how to live better; there is a mandate for any group with enormous powers of communication to show people how to be better ".

Some media houses are conducting more trails and delivering more judgments on all issues than all the courts in India put together including on judicial activism when judiciary is not favoring them; preach on parliamentary over reach when parliament wants a panel to appoint judges; blame bureaucratic hurdles when funds of their pay masters get delayed; criticize government corporate nexus; condemn police excess but media mafia , misuse and its lobbies always take umbrage under press freedom.

Stephany Yablow  was  correct "Inevitably, the media create a circus, elevating everything and elucidating nothing." It also establishes well what Charles Eisenstein said, "From brand names to PR slogans to political code words, the language of the media that inundates modern life consists almost wholly of subtle lies, misdirection, and manipulation”.
Viruses that affect the Indian socio- psychological perceptions are mostly thanks to media contribution in the recent past .
Myth making; hero-worship; citing exceptions as examples and make sweeping statements based on that; over generalizing the particular; particularizing the general; over simplifying the complex; complicating the simple; resorting to unloving criticism and uncritical love; projecting poverty and suffering as the important requirements to get god’s grace; evaluating anything or anyone with irrelevant aspects; quoting and questioning things without contextual relevance; proceeding with justifications to bolster up or brush aside facts; paralyzing simple events with unwarranted and perverted analysis; forging for facts to fit into preconceptions; showing intolerance towards dissent; invent intentions when results are good and useful; pandering to populism and political correctness over providing long term prosperity; making desperate attempts to degrade some and deify others; opposing for the sake of opposing; rejecting reasoning; operating with  selective amnesia and collective indifference;  trying to mask present short comings by raking up past glories and gloat with ethnocentric pride; sit on judgment over everything and everyone without trying to know in detail what we are judging ; generously throwing  opinions around even without doing some home work on any issue, diverting attention from intrinsically important issues by projecting emotionally appealing allegations, twisting facts, total indifference to facts etc have all become such a huge carapace covering the present generation that no one can know what is the real character of this generation.
The prime reason for most of these  ugly trends are because people are overwhelmingly negatively influenced by media houses both in the print and audio visual which churns out heroes out of zeros and in some cases the glamorous reel industry dominates over and sometimes replaces the reality.
These worthies in the media are mostly guided by some petrified ideological fixations bolstered by some putrefied slogans and outdated statistics ,  pelf that pours into their purses,  propelled by pseudo intellectualism and all of these masquerading as meaningful concern for the public. These media worthy pawns are moved around to manipulate, mislead and micro manage remotely all domains by multiple forces.
Most unfortunate impact of the manifestation of these attitudes is that  many gullible youths apply most of these indiscriminately across the whole spectrum of human activities like in  political domain, religious activities, social issues, cultural institutions, sports arena, economic development  projects, commercial sector etc.
MSM use microscope, telescope, stethoscope and many more depending on what they want to filter out or focus on.
Media debate with derision about judicial activism, police excess, human rights violations, armed forces atrocities, corporate politician nexus, political apathy to pressing issues [ presses whom and where?]. But they strain their brains [if they have any] to find maximum vindications to Naxal activities saying that the governmental indifference to tribal welfare has birthed Naxals. They ensure, like the left politicians, to promote, if not create a sense of victimhood to unleash their verbal venom and high pedestal preaching towards the villains that they have already decided  to portray or sometimes they scan for villains.

They resort to diverting the attention of the whole nation to very trivial issues, stray incidents in a vast geographical area like India, silly comments by some personalities in some contexts, sting operations to malign someone or some institution.

The media impatiently asks: - When we can expect judicial reforms? When can we expect to rein in Government officers? When are we going to restructure the financial sector? When are we going to make public sector accountable?  But it has never asked when it is going to become impartial? When it is going to become responsible? When it is going to prioritize issues based on national importance? When it is going to report about positive actions by individuals, institutions, government etc? When it is going to learn about the various aspects of economic development of the nation? When it is going to highlight activities taken in those directions etc?

Can media be ever expected to do this? Definitely not the majority of them, why?

We need to know from where have these creatures in the media have come? Why are they so biased? They [these media mafia] are also mostly Indians born, educated and live out of this land but why are they anti-national? Why they do not reflect even for a moment consciously that they are doing a great disservice to the nation while self proclaiming as the voice of the nation? Why are they above all not at all interested in the well being of the nation and its citizens?
This may lead us to the whole bunch of disgruntled, ignored, pseudo academically qualified bunch of youths misused by an outdated ideological outfit.

What it is and where it is can be easily found from their ideological identity fixation.

These MSM heroes reveals the sub conscious anger and fear of wound and worry that worthy news through social media [‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ ]replaces willful misrepresentation by main stream media.

So desperate that MSM that they do not miss any opportunity to show their disgust for this social media trumping paid and prejudiced news.

Jealousy driven, frustration filled club of media mafia who lived in the sanctuary of comfort where they felt that peddling lies, opinions , twisted presentation of news with hidden agenda of provocation were their sole preserve.

Their only qualification being misinterpreting, misquoting and maligning their chosen targets with impunity and worse still gloated over their status of mass opinion molders.

These media channel room heroes, in some cases Romeos thought that their sanctuary will never be invaded by any force and they could burn anyone or any truth or fact in their toxic gas chambers of Left or paid patrons’ ideology.

Unfortunately they have been upset by unexpected technology which enabled people to capture facts in real time and also vent their views on various dimensions of any issue so they call this force of social media users as ‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ as this echo is gradually silencing the 24/7 news channel cacophony.
“MAN: Kick him-he'll forgive you. Flatter him-he may or may not see through you. But ignore him and he'll hate you” ― Idries Shah

“Study the assumptions behind your actions. Then study the assumptions behind your assumptions.”
― Idries Shah
Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way

“If you want to make an ordinary man happy, or think that he is happy, give him money, power, flattery, gifts, honours. If you want to make a wise man happy - improve yourself!” ― Idries ShahReflections

 “It is not important to have said a thing first, or best - or even most interestingly. What is important is to say it on the right occasion.” ― Idries ShahReflections

“You have not forgotten to remember;
You have remembered to forget.
But people can forget to forget. That is just as important as remembering to remember - and generally more practical.” ― Idries Shah

 “Opinion is usually something which people have when they lack comprehensive information.” ― IdriesShahReflections

How and why media is lowering the overall standards
“The information we consume matters just as much as the food we put in our body. It affects our thinking, our behavior, how we understand our place in the world. And how we understand others.” ~Evan Williams

Please note that I have thousands of A to Z writes on many positive aspects of life.

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