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Friday, January 26, 2018



While all of us feel the need for unity, what unity needs is feeling for all by all.

We all must consciously be willing to agree to disagree and disagree to agree.

Now let us find out why realization of unity and oneness mostly remain in speech and writing and not practiced in real life?

Can this be changed through any method or in multiple ways?

This has been the attempt, or at least the claim, of many realms of ideological processes of social engineering wished and worked upon by individuals and institutions be they religious, political, commercial, cultural, socio-economic policies, many good idealistic ideas etc.

Each realm was dominated by its own priorities and compulsions rightly or wrongly.

But one thing is sure the initiation itself must emanate from calmness and not anger; it must sincerely seek peace and harmony through sanity for the happy cohabitation of whole of humanity.

The above statement may sound more like a didactic sermon or a utopia but that is the least controversial approach that anyone can adopt towards trying to bring about oneness through peace and harmony.

It is anytime better than starting with provocative verbal attacks, histrionics reactions to historical blunders and trying to find intellectual solutions to purely emotional issues and injecting emotionalism to purely rational issues.

All these are further complicated and obfuscated by the many dimensions of international politics each having multiple dynamics and all of them operating with varying degrees of intensities with hoards of hidden agenda and loads of lurking suspicions; multitudinous murky deals and multifarious manipulations; simmering discontent and seething enmity; ulterior malign motives and exterior benign masks; intrigues of identity politics and poly tricks of politics; working hard to bring in uniformity and homogenization to unleash hegemony instead of harmonizing variety and so on.  
Instead we may try these following small steps when we encounter everything and everyone:-observing with a child -like curiosity, approaching with a nurse–like concern to a fire accident victim, experimenting with a scientist-like research orientation, experiencing with a sports-man like spirit while in action and motion, trying to learn and to discover with an unbiased tourist –like enthusiasm in a foreign land, deciphering it with a mathematician –like measurements, executing with a carefulness of neuro-surgeon like precision starting from the very first attempt and expressing freely with literary scholar-like perspectives and perceptions based on multiple frames of references and through grasping facts with an attitude to understand and articulate such an understanding unambiguously and diplomatically taking into consideration the prevailing contextual relevance and the sensitivities and sensibilities of  as many as possible.

There could be certain advantages in this process as only plain facts and stark realities are placed on the table putting aside all biases based on any of the beliefs, ideologies, doctrines, multitude of –isms, opinions, historical evidences etc.

Besides, this process also ensures passion based involvement; compassion imbued performance and subconsciously internalized dispassion devoid of attachment to the outcome.

Even if evaluations and post mortem happen they may be devoid of or with minimal infusion of opinionated, imagined or prejudicial perceptions.  

Anything not indicated above you may find in links given below with sub links, some of which are repetitive, which explore further in detail from multiple perspectives, the topic of Oneness with its inevitable and inherent attributes of Unity and Division the two inseparable twins operating with hearts of Love and Fear; pampered by the parents of Comforts and Complaints; the former fed by the Promises of prosperity and pleasure and the later Presented and provoked by constant victimhood peddling.

                                 Division and Oneness

Unity, Peace, Harmony amid Variety- a heady cocktail

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