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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Brief journey of civilization

Brief journey of civilization

In very simplistic terms the earliest known periods of civilization human beings had less communication, less information, less knowledge, more brutality, more animalistic  life style with little to care about the requirements of resources for usage and survival;

Slowly and steadily life on this planet earth [wrong term though seventy percent -70% is water] started becoming more and more human centric, sometimes at the cost of life of other species and the environment.

This excessive and exclusive focus on human life neglecting other life forms made human beings to device tools, equipments and technologies to make life more comfortable in multiple ways and threw up many pleasant support systems to render living smoother.

Initially they started as greedy instincts to have and posses more resources and areas leading to too many silly wars;

Followed by collective emotional entertainments leading to many traditional and cultural art forms;

Followed by urge to communicate to generate common utilities leading to reduction in number of languages so that more people could be communicated to;

Followed by fear of the unknown aspects of life leading to creation of many gods, gods out of heroic and exemplary figures, religions and rituals;

Followed by age of reason to rationalize beyond belief systems to enable collective living and enhanced understanding unhindered by any ideological identity based restrictions;

Followed by parleys into experimenting with different social systems/political systems to live together with justifiable contribution to and share from the resources;

Followed by scientific discoveries to enhance understanding and help living and life, away from and besides the clutches of religions and traditions;

Followed by in the recent centuries, dominance based on initially economic and commercial prosperity and multiple means to achieve them;

Followed by various means at national levels through discoveries of more resources and raw materials useful for human life, through real industrialization, improved and increased agricultural production;

Followed by inevitable adaptation of advanced technologies;

Followed by dominance through military power trying to loot readymade where these things are available and so on;

Following all these developments will make us realize that there are wide varieties of options to lift human race up with all their pleasant complexities;

But then in each of these there are multiple steps which must not be confused as stops;

There are also balloons and bubbles in all these which may appear like enabling us to float high but we must careful not to get carried away by them.

However, all said and done human beings have advanced from a species with kuru disease to cyber gurus.

Besides, if we observe the above we may not miss to notice that in every age or period in history certain things held human minds with addictive obsession to use certain specific items as a predominant frames of reference to evaluate and encounter everything at times it was physical valor, at times it was physical beauty, at times it was wealth, at times it was intellectual capabilities and so on.

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