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Monday, January 8, 2018

Saint Tyagaraja’s Aradhana 2018

Saint Tyagaraja’s Aradhana 2018

We do not respect any symbolism but lap up criticisms.

All the noise about celebrations of a  Saint of great musical Sounds.

Saint Tyagaraja Aradhana, DD’s insensitive telecast and the defense minister’s correct observations and utter indifference of all other channels.

We fail to write even proper biographies of great souls.

I am saved because I do not watch television at all but I came across all the noise through social media about the event celebrating the anniversary of a great soul who imbued our hearts with wonderful sounds.

It is really unfortunate that we do not respect the great souls and great contributors to this great nation and its culture even with sincere symbolism, though sometimes it may be ritualistically performed , still, at least some reminder happens.

Immediately we flood the society with criticisms like whether Pancharathna Kritis are meant for goshti ganas [group singing], how can sruti’s of all can synchronize etc.

We fail to realize that something is better than nothing in a society which has scant respect for its really most valuable cultural aspects.

The Carnatic Music which has contributions from various composers like Sri Purandara Dasar, Saint Tyagaraja, Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar,  Sri Shyama Sastrigal, Sri Sadhasiva Brahmendral, Sri Muthuthandavar , Sri Subramanya Bharathiyar and so on.

Even on biographical sketches of these great souls we tend to divert from the intrinsic value they added to our lives and discuss irrelevant things.

It really does not matter whether Saint Tyagaraja’s  stomach was concave or convex or whether he went to any temple daily because  what matters more is his compositions are imbued with excellent musical structures and patterns and ooze such an enormous aesthetic emotions that sober the heart, still the mind and carry the soul into a trance and when one returns back to normal consciousness one finds floating in an enormous ocean of musical world.

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