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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Major socio-psychological disorder is attention seeking sensationalism

Major socio-psychological disorder is attention seeking sensationalism

In the present day atmosphere of  overcrowded and over enthusiastic free distribution of opinions by anyone with access to some media be it the totally biased multiple MSMs [Main Stream Media houses both in print and visual] or the billions of SM [Social Media] avenues, attention seeking sensationalism is a very hard to resist temptation.

However, the other side of this issue is that everything and everyone gets evaluated and judged through multiple frames of references with various motives and in various aspects.

Invariably in most cases reason gets bypassed in the din of opinions, counter opinions, evaluations, judgmental sweeping provocative statements, ideological identity based narrow cherry picking of issues, words, statements, actions and reactions etc which get selectively magnified for mass consumption and spiced with an attractive aroma of sensationalism which is predominantly superficial .

These are done intentionally for mass consumption by masking many complete and comprehensive in depth view of reality and ramifications.

The most overpowering spices in this are well nuanced and clichéd coining of slogans and statements which keep on recycling and repeating ad nausea and provocative visuals both of which have the potential to prioritize in such a way that they can to turn a very calm issue into a catastrophic crisis or at least preoccupy the mind space of every individual.

This is a major socio-psychological disorder that the very perpetrators must stop, which is very unlikely, as it provides the fodder for their hidden agenda or remote controlled manipulators.

However, some seriously concerned people can and must educate the victims to this disorder suitably or divert by prioritizing sanity and humane values over these sensational superficialities.

It becomes really sad when this disorder permeates into even institutions and individuals who are looked upon to maintain order. 

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