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Saturday, April 8, 2017

schools and hospitals-poor salaries teachers and nurses

We cannot blame schools and hospitals on the contrary we must be thankful that despite poor salaries teachers and nurses are serving the society at large.

We cannot afford to over simplify or over generalize on certain issues.

Running schools, I mean private trust or management ones, even as a mere real estate based proposition within metro cities is very tough task and only those in the school business know the difficulties.

Building a good reputation and maintaining certain standards with a bunch of teachers in tact without them being pouched by other institutes is another big task.

Having said all these there are three places in India where peoples’ transactional psychology almost turns/forced into object submission or total fear psychosis. They are hospitals, the multiple mutts or religious institutions and educational institutions where people pay their money and obey whatever the person who has taken the money orders you to do!

This can indicate lot of factors one is the governments’ failure to provide quality and reliable institutions in these three categories. I am not going into either the reasons or blame games here.

The general public who throng these places are legally ill equipped or ignorant of their duties, rights and privileges.

Scarcity of options and paucity of providers enable the providers to dictate terms.

I would also like everyone, especially in India, to develop a mentality that when they do not mind wasting any amount of money and time on movie tickets, mall strolling and similar activities always seem to presume that schools, hospitals and religious mutts must render service as charity.

No activity can be carried on as charity if it has to be self sustainable in the long run to benefit more number of people. After all people working in all these places also need revenue to lead a decent life.

Actually we Indians must be thankful to all the teachers and nurses who are willing to work despite poor salaries.

However, having said all these, those in this link, if they have access to such institutions which are popular, scarce and very much in demand may contact me personally and I can offer simple business solution to overcome these problems with a team of specialists.

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