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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Healthy Public View and filthy personal practice.

We all suffer from HPV Healthy Public View and filthy personal practice.

Experts in tall sermons and we use various masks of multiple hypocrisies according to situations and gleefully justify them as compromises and adjustments.

What matters to most are verbal justifications, religious sanction or presenting an appealing ideology masquerading as liberal outlook! Not even personal satisfaction.

Most of us like to snack on this convenient mixture at all times without realizing that this is the most unhealthy and tasteless recipe for perpetually creating illusions which block reality for ever.

We are scared of acknowledging realities, leave alone accepting them, as of death.

Diversity and variety are inevitable aspects of nature; whereas discrimination and division based on them are the result of nurture and culture based on many aspects, chief among them being:

Different complexes [positive and negative];

Discomforts and difficulties [real or assumed] and

Domination [prevailing or projected as such].

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