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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gender bias and hypocritical postures

This is a very old one and recycled many times in social media in the past two years.

It is precisely these types of hypocritical crass stereotyped speeches which try hard to mask ground realities.

This stupidity generates a greater disconnect with intelligent, thinking and frank youth who are able to see the ground realities around them.

Then they obviously and rightfully they migrate towards whoever is exposing these hypocrisies.

Will she or the organizers just allow another middle aged lady clad jeans sit by her side to sing or will they allow such person to perform like this female does.

Scriptural justifications is a wonderful trap, worse than even a logical fallacy as  many can easily fall a prey because of identity bias and then go on to accept whatever is said after that blindly without bothering to verify with ground realities.

The fact is that women in India are not treated properly and in many cases not even as human beings.

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