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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Victimhood and Victims

At the outset this excellent article in New York Times titled ‘The Real Victims of Victimhood’ by Arthur C.Brooks in the link given within brackets     

[ ] has not only vindicated my long held observation and has made me get into certain depths of the issue discussed namely ‘victimhood’ and ‘Victimhood peddling as a profession’.


Any topic I normally throw into the cauldron of life in context as it is happening now along with all that has happened and churn it with a churn staff or kirn swee of contextually relevant observations.

Then it brings out the cream of vital intrinsic essence which may be expressed in certain Meta terminologies.

In this topic of victimhood it has in principle thrown out certain facts and also the socio-political and religio-cultural exploitation of gullible and vulnerable psychological and emotional states and economic status etc.

While we all must, in whatever ways we can and with whatever means we can afford to, first take cognizance of the facts and then at least attempt to address them.

At the same time we must also be aware of the peddlers of victimhood who make a business out of exaggerated or imagined projection with a well assigned label of exploitation.

The Meta terms [which by definition include manifestation of various degrees, intensities and dimensions of what they refer to] that come up when we churn the topic of victimhood in the cauldron of life are broadly speaking: - fear, poverty, identity crisis, lack of harmony in society and with nature, generating a feeling of deep desperation, creating a camouflaged crisis, frustration with many existing options/possibilities etc.

These two broad aspects /factors namely emotional states or economic status unleash an enormous amount of concomitant issues, ideologies, ism etc.

Victimhood peddlers are more visible and vocal than actual victims.

In many cases these very peddlers ’livelihood and identity thrive on continuation of victimhood.

So they suggest and vociferously propagate ideologies and activities which are preventing actual remedy- in some cases it is intended and in certain cases it is the outcome of ignorant assumptions, perverted presumptions, preconceived perceptions and ideological fixations.

Even when there is a gut-wrenching poverty and if we feel for it, as a short term measure or remedy we can feed or donate out of compassion.

But at the same time we must ensure to study, debate some basics of Public Policies, government plans, programs, implementations, various aspects of economics to ensure treating the malady and curing the ills of poverty and deliver as best as we can through multiple methods to cure the diseases of the victim rather than merely stop with projecting and getting a clandestine profit by perpetuating it or temporarily masking the symptoms of deep rooted malady.

Most of the victimhood peddlers belong to a group I call as DROPS in the ocean of life because they try to seek an identity predominantly through Demonstrations Rallies Opposing Protesting and Sloganeering.

They script emotionally appealing but logically fallacious stories of victim hood and illusions of ill treatment with exaggerated projection of inequalities without any workable and sensible permanent cure or remedy.

This entire scripting team is made with media nexus which makes its own business by working for certain political outfits to test the public reactions on ground political parties’ ideological or other  hidden agenda, ulterior motives, lurking suspicions etc

They normally instigate people between two extremes of phobia and philia.

They use two weapons of mass destruction perception deficit and presumptive conclusions.

They master the art of selective amnesia and collective indifference and ensure passive receptivity of the gullible and vulnerable.

In this process they  create an atmosphere in all places, in all ages leaving people culture less, pride less, identity less living a life in vacuous inanity and nurtured inferiority complex and a sense of victim hood where there is none.

Status quo addiction based on these petrifies these peddlers of victimhood along with their putrefied perceptions and puerile intentions which are constantly exposing them overwhelmingly but they fail to accept it because of their intoxication with victimhood peddling.

Once this modus operandi was initially used as a political brainwashing technique as a ploy to play by magnifying the societal disparities to dislodge the Empires in many parts of the world but then gradually these self appointed leaders of inequality uprooters  replaced the kings and carried on the same atrocities and enjoyed the same privileges as the kings knowing well that they could easily intoxicate the masses with catchy slogans, brainwashing ideological sign posts, selective presentation of victim hood etc  wherever the exigencies demand they clandestinely act as a conduit of funds to many.

They unfortunately become popular too in some illiterate environs and appropriated the labels of intelligentsia and/or left liberals etc and their success is manifest in their ability to let their brand of propaganda seep in and get stored in the subconscious of the victims.

They also create their own parasites and parrots in many institutions and media houses.

Terms: - Liberty, Liberal and Freedom

I would like to say that the words Liberty and liberal have evolved through a very opaque things or systems etc it had referred to for example word liberty the etymology of the word liberty itself from the  Latin words "Liber," "Libera," and "Liberum" -- with a Long I -- came from the root meaning, "to pour." From this, we get the word "Liberty" (hence pronounced with a short I), from the freedom we feel when we get drunk, a sort of feeling high. So a lot depends on what you pour and what gives a feeling of high.

If the same word ‘liber’with a long I -- means, "to peel," [from which the word library is supposed to have come ] and the word liberal from latin liberalis  “ noble, gracious, munificient” and according to one of the best books on history ‘History for a united world’ that I have read long back by an author called Edward Herbert Dance  mentions that the word liberty and liberal were used for nobles and the aristocrats and it indicated or referred more to ‘class privilege than anything else’

So even taking it literally liberty depends on what gives you a feeling of high and it gets its identity with that and as indicated above in modern media labeling it gets identified with anything that is perceived as leftist socialistic concepts correctness and therefore, or to be more blunt and precise, because of that very reason there is nothing lofty about the word liberal itself. So if someone says he is very liberal minded means exactly that ‘he is identifying himself with a concept of correctness as defined and determined by the leftist socialistic ideology and it varies from country to country. 

The left must be credited for mutilating even the very meaning of the word by the connotations that they have given it and the brand building exercises that they have carried on.

The word free too has two sides the brighter one goes in its root to the word love itself but the darker one is an adverb you get something free, not for free. To quote from ‘Word Nerd’ ‘freebooter is a pirate,”frees” the “booty” from a ship. The elements of freedom are free and doom, but when the word came into English , this combination meant “condition of being judged to be free” and doom then meant “deem”.

Most of these so called intellectuals are left leaning, and therefore never learning anything liberals.

I wish all of you also read these two excellent links second one short [about how dirty the word liberty is’ and the first one long about how mutilated and raped history is.

The world is getting more well knit , better informed and therefore opting to choose predominantly politicians who can address on a priority basis the  economic well being then of course all other issues in order of priority for well  being and happiness of human beings and ensuring  a good environment for all now and for posterity.

So most successful politicians are aware of the rules of the game now, though certain inevitable activities, sometimes even quiet contradictory to the above referred aspects may be adopted for gaining political power and mileage.

So in general we must know all politicians need not necessarily be corrupt, criminal, ineffective, insincere there are /have been many exceptions;

Institutional rules and frameworks must/may/can ensure proper administrations, less corruption, less partiality, recognition of pure merit!

Advantage of politicians of all hues and colors is that some of them have a natural knack of decision making and administration because they can feel the pulse of situation much better-they only need to learn or be properly guided about the nitty-gritty of nuances of the domain;

All these are because politicians have wider contacts and connect because of their social activities and interactions at all levels and along without a clout, foot soldiers, faithful followers and besides politicians do not hesitate to wield power to get things done.

Many politicians are sincere are serious about whatever they do at least for the mileage that they derive out of the activities  and incidentally some of them are educated and concerned about social welfare.

While politician bashing is always a preferred filler for all media because it often pleases some, media, especially main stream media, to be more precise most 24/7 news [nuisance] channels have to realize that social media is exposing all their lies, partialities, puerile priorities, putrefied projections , petrified prejudices, sensationalism seeking, their dubious designs, hidden agenda and arrogant anchor room arm chair struck verbal churning masquerading  as know-all and judge –all experts.

Business people who help feed so many families, politicians who help address many social issues are far better than many media persons who secrete only negativity, sensationalism, scandals and have forgotten positive news at all.

Media profiling, projections, assigned labels, appropriations do not mean ‘Perception’. I have checked all dictionaries of English.



Poverty Alleviation

Perception even in its real sense and its short comings

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