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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Classical Dance art and industry

I did not get much time to come out with my usual long stuff yesterday.

Sometimes as part of inevitable evolutionary trends certain things change whether they are better or worse only time [as a chronological duration] can reveal or whether they  continue to offer the same degree or intensity of impact in terms of experience that people who come into contact have had or whether they have any relevance at all at the present juncture or whether they can take a new avatar and reinvent into something really great and more resplendent than what it has been  till now or they are on the course of becoming extinct like a 36 film role camera, typewriters, alarm clocks,pendulum clocks etc.

There is a possibility that any of these or some of these can be true.  But we all must understand and accept certain inevitable laws of life and nature operating at  a macro level irrespective of our wishes and needs.

In certain areas is life is made of only repetitions, starting from our basic survival aspects like breathing, heart beat, eating, sleeping, urinating etc to getting married to begetting children to contracting diseases but the same time mentally or psychologically we also seek change, wider choice,variety and start sometimes getting bored with stereotypes, unless we experience a sense of joy, pleasure, happiness, or  reap some benefit out of such activity. That's why every time we listen to a Madurai Mani Iyer's kalapana swaram we get  a sense of joy, a renewed experience that  rejuvenates our spirits or every time we watch a Dhoni's helicopter shot sixer in the last over we feel happy.

Life is often tossed between the inevitable polarity of repetition and change.

I wrote the following in the second week of November and posted it in my blog in the last week of Nov  in the following link which is very long but very comprehensive in dealing with various aspects and contradictions.

Here is a link of rough draft in my reverse dictionary of idioms posting that on repetition

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