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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Importance of Context,Situation,Location and are they the same ?

What is location?

Kannadasn’s famous lyrics ‘Parama sivan kazhuthilirindhu pamb kettadhu Garuda sowkyama’

I remember reading somewhere that he makes his home where living is best and when a scholar was asked about what is of vital importance when buying a home. It seems he said, “The three most important factors in buying a home are, location, location, location!”

Location in abstraction or conceptualization is not a mere geographical area of real estate space but it extends to the  context of a topic, theme, idea, subject, period , ideological milieu, reliving or living an experience etc

That’s why contextual/situational relevance is of primary importance.

All our actions, speech, thought, attitude must synchronize with that frequency.

Everything is situational or contextual that’s why none of the world’s religious scriptures have anything on cyber crime.

Solitude can eject several conceptualized situations psychologically.

The intensity of intimate feeling can bring any location in proximity mentally. For example today I was listening to a Lalgudi’s rendering while traveling in bus but my whole being was sitting in Krishna Gana Sabha in the 80s when Lalgudi was playing for K.V. Narayanaswamy’s  poorvikalyani raga.

Our spirits can be transported to any location that was the secret of clairvoyants, people with ESP etc.

The best location is one’s oneself in calmness, either naturally occurring in one’s inner self or worked up with conscious efforts and awareness methodically as part of personality development through clarity of perception of the contextual relevance, and then prioritizing thoughts and actions based on that relevance mostly with a sense of balance so that we are always in a peaceful and happy location within.

In this sense location is confined in dimensions of space and time but the exportation of the spirit and experience of the self in a particular or any specific atmosphere one wants to be in or chooses to be in.

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