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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Debates,discussions, arguments, learning,knowledge etc

Discussion, debates, deliberations; gathering knowledge from as many sources and subjects;

Gaining insight into various ideas and thoughts;

Getting to know at least something about everything and to be able to acknowledge, if not accept, the various facets of any issue, ideology, subject etc;

Gather knowledge from as many sources as possible;

After all life is a constant process of learning and adjustment wherein we can neither deny nor defy the importance of anything or anyone.

The more ingredients are in the churning process of life and more tools or methods of churning;

Different containers used for materials we emerge more informed with greater quantity of knowledge even if we do not get better educated or more enlightened.

Once this edifice of massive knowledge is available especially from different perspectives then when the process of real realization, education or attempt to get enlightened starts it becomes that much easier.

So debate, argue we must always, even aggressively, but without getting personalized and observing certain amount of diplomacy, humility and basic respect for social platform.

Two days back I came across a very serious debate by a group of very enlightened persons on the inadequacy of science to provide convincing answers to many things.

But then there is no subject or scripture which can say with axiomatic certitude anything forever because ultimately the two great tools used as ultimate reference by human beings have not yet been fully understood by human beings and therefore are limited in application namely, Time and Space.

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