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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


On GST Why the usually anti-national and obstructionist main stream media not letting out its sermons on what is good for people through its noisy verbal duels of the 'nation wants to know' 'to the point' .

The MSM is deafeningly silent on issues of national importance especially in terms of economic development for all and these worthies shamelessly lecture on inclusive development with exclusive privilege for themselves.

Both Cong and MSM are equally irresponsible to the core with no sense of priority or purpose. It is high time that every sane person boycotts both.

Sensationalism peddling, sloganeering, scandalizing everything and basking in the comforts of anchor rooms with selective amnesia and collective indifference is getting exposed everyday through social networks.

I wish people all over India inundate the social media only with messages about benefits of GST to all; of course the nuances can be worked out for all.

Why can't the corporate houses ask its employees to do it on social networks?

Why can't all the IT cells of parties with interest of development of nation also do this continuously?

Let us not wait for MSM to lecture Government on perception etc.

Let us teach both what needs to be perceived and why and how?

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