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Friday, August 28, 2015

Religion - the entire gamut of it

Evolution, metamorphosis, change are the three important and inevitable dimensions of time.

Everything has been and is always evolving into something else. Everything and everyone is involved in constant metamorphosis. The moment something becomes static then it indicates lifelessness.

The whole problem is institutionalizing religion or due to institutionalized religions and their insistence that they need to have a say or play a part in every aspect of everyone's life or every domain of activity when for obvious reasons religions of that sort have lost their relevance and are therefore trying to seek attention desperately by intruding into ever changing aspects of life.

Anything be it religion, politics, ideas of economic development, social systems etc that attempt to homogenize the inevitable variety of nature/in nature is obviously going against nature and therefore not likely to survive forever and not likely to be enjoyed or liked by everyone.

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