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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Context is everything',‘critical thinking’ is a very important thing and synergy with ‘clarity of perception’ makes a great combination

'Context is everything' and critical thinking’ is a very important thing.

Along with these, if there is synergy with ‘clarity of perception’ based in relevant frames of reference specific to the subject/ issue/ problem then the marriage between data and technology will enhance our understanding of life and bear fruitful results.

Yes context or situation is of vital importance
Contextual priorities are of great importance

MORALITY itself is only contextual  

Contextual analysis of all controversies will give greater clarity

Everything happens in a particular context or helps to create a particular context

Terminological aberrations are the result of context

I have even a Face book  group called ‘Situational and / or Contextual’

Emphasis on ‘critical thinking’ to make optimum utilization of Data

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