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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Global warming - Science or Scare mongering or Surmises based on simple facts

On the flip side, for half baked people like me getting tossed up by too many and often too conflicting hypothesis with clear convincing justification from different reliable and respectable sources causes more confusion than clarity.

For example I happen to attend three years back a 3 day International Astro science fair with some interesting exhibits and conferences at Coimbatore along with my daughter and it had lectures given by top scientists from NASA the main participant, DRDO, ISRO, BABA atomic research center and TATA observatories etc. We attended some of the programs and lectures.

Some top Indian scientists too accompanied me; in fact I stay only in their houses whenever I go to Coimbatore to brush up some unbiased opinions in science's hot topics.

One NASA scientist, who gave a nice speech with lots of slides, was emphasizing a lot about release of gases from cow dung making a huge impact on environment and adding to global warming. One scientist got up and asked during question hour. "What is the data of population of cow on earth, quantity of cow dung, how it is kept and where or how it is disposed off? Have you measured the gas emanating from them collectively even if all of it were measured? have you ever noticed, researched scientifically more dangerous and damaging gases released for centuries together from decaying flora and fauna from, fortunately still some virginal, areas like some parts of Amazon forests, some in Zaire, even some parts of Western Ghats in India, some areas in Assam and some forest lands in South America etc?" The scientist from NASA just shrugged his shoulders. So, I am also led to believe some parts of what is contained here too, a web site I read on a regular basis.
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My contention is that I would not like to succumb to varying degrees of ignorance nor led by predetermined publicity programs masked under the garb of science and marketed with massive jargon, nor can I afford to be indifferent to whatever is happening in nature and happening to nature either as part of evolutionary poetry or perpetrated damage by human greed and need for resources at the expense of so many things. Nor would I like to take any stand on any confirmation bias. However, on observation of nature, at least around me, in the region where I live, I can see massive and marked changes with balding green tops of earth leading to shining concrete structures [I am not saying either right or wrong], visible disappearance of or diminishing quantity of many varieties of vegetables, fruits, birds etc. why the small sparrows which used to line up the window at Chennai have almost disappeared [we are told it is due to mobile phone towers]. Does anyone talk about one species going extinct right in front of our eyes or can anyone do anything about it if at all they can?

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