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Friday, August 28, 2015

Divinity' s presence

Divinity is a presence that operates, perhaps, in many ways in and through everything and everyone, of which all have not been able feel, accept, understand etc

The problem of lack belief in God seems to be the result of these two factors i.e. Religions and Identity fixation [discussed in detail in the links given below with their positive and negative influences and impacts].

These two with all their concomitant restraining factors prevent anyone from even attempting to have a personal, unbiased experience of God coupled with lack of easily available tangible proofs.

Though all of us must be humble enough to acknowledge that there are many forces that influence and impact our lives of which we hardly know anything much less even aware of.

We must also accept that all explanation of anything or everything cannot be tailor made to enable everyone to understand and also the fact that everything need not be proved or can be proved empirically.

However, any rational, unbiased, contextually relevant propositions must not be stifled by deep held prejudices, pre-defined ideologies, traditionally held belief systems and all other such constraining conditioning.  
Human beings are the last species to refuse any benefit for their survival and living from any god or many gods, or for those who unwilling to use the label of God; call it nature or supernatural phenomena, universal energy etc  

But at the same time human beings cannot forever be expected to worship the unseen and unknown, not unknowable or perennially invisible.

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