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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

what is media ?

What is meant by media?

Fortunately humanity’s greatest boon has been the internet and social media which nail the lies of paid popular media houses.

Any political leader and much less a prime minister’s job is neither to please the select popular media houses nor crave for their opinions.

In fact any PM in India taking select private media persons along with him at government expense is a very fit case for a big scam because it was at the expense of public exchequer.

Giving undue access and importance to these select media houses is also a favoritism in itself that can be termed as scam.

Please realize that popular media is one of the most ill defined platform where anyone with money either of his own or funded from outside can start. It is not necessarily the ones which are popular in print and audio visual arenas.

The greatest achievement of MODI has been to keep all the media houses at bay. I only wish he starts probing the scam I indicated above.

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