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Friday, May 8, 2015

Mothers' Day Special.

Mothers' Day Special.

Physical picture:-

Get a big leather bag, pour two liters of warm and viscous soup and put a pumpkin weighing roughly around two kilos in weight and zip it well and tie this whole thing on your tummy/ stomach. Do everything with this for just two days, walking, sleeping, sitting eating, driving, attending to household work as well as professional work etc. Also consume 3 liters of water and wait without visiting a toilet  for one hour as pregnant women sit outside abdominal scan unit. Also take a pill that can give you a constant nausea and urge to vomit. Then you would know at least the physical aspects of motherhood. 

The psychological and emotional are too many. All of you at least try to know and understand the difficulties and importance of motherhood.

Here are some of my earlier write ups posted in my blog. Some written for some magazines earlier  

Praising and being proud of motherhood is not just being sentimental it is a fact. It is a great honor, privilege and massive responsibility to be a mother. 

All relationships acquire value by the utility, joy, meaning etc that are injected into the relationship but motherhood has immense value inherently even without any of those additional great attributes
I read a wonderful book some years back titled I think 'however big and great you may grow , you can never grow taller than your mother' Adi shankara and Ramana maharishi gave all their worldly attachments except their relationship to their mother.

After posting all the above in FB I moved to check my mails and the first mail in the Inbox was from Sanjeev Nayar

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