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Saturday, May 9, 2015


On Hypocrisy.

Momentary hypocrisies are justifiable rather than hard hearted haughty and hurting refusals. Sometimes they are also inevitable as part of survival aspect of our species, I mean human beings, and more often as an aspect of social obligation of our relationship to the society at large.

Whatever be the type of education [or to be more precise academic pursuit that we undertake to learn a subject either superficially or in depth] we have; whatever be the deemed purpose of such qualification; whatever be the dreamed outcome of such qualifications we must remember that life is process, constantly churning up with the rest and without resting either to produce something worthy or filthy unmindful and sometimes unaware of the fact that all individual life is mortal [ at least chronologically and physically -as a biochemical organism]  

This life involves a constant process of adjustment and learning, which means observing, understanding, experiencing, subjecting to others’ suggestions and advices and a host of many other things. We are interconnected and interrelated with so many persons and things some of which we may be aware. We do all these with very limited tools like our thoughts, emotions, knowledge, perceptions, sometimes instincts, sometimes impulses, inherent attributes and abilities, attitudes Compulsions and compromises are part of life. Hypocrisy is therefore in built as we grow into social beings. Only thing is, it increases in intensity and manifests in greater degrees depending on the social milieu where we are in.

These are because life is made of relationships. How we relate with others, with things, with society, with environment etc.

Neither life nor relationships are concrete they are fluid like water with lot of excellent properties but vulnerable to be polluted and misused like water. It depends on the user to prevent misuse and pollution.

There are many other aspects like personal commitment, involvement, responsibilities etc, even if we do not care about social pressures, religious obligations and legal requirements.

The cardinal principal is we can neither deny nor defy the importance of anything. This includes many human activities, sentiments, emotions, thoughts etc each of it is forming some part of the evolutionary process of the jigsaw puzzle of life.

How else can we explain the many stupidities that get glorified for reasons which are beyond any human comprehension?

We did not consciously choose our life and in normal circumstances we won’t consciously choose to die either. Life is not a planned project from the beginning till the end however much we may try or wish it to be. We came from nothing and we go back to nothing. In the interim period we like to decorate ourselves with whatever we can, we want or we are destined to. Sometimes different aspects predominate i.e. what we can do, want to do or destined to do and we too tend to prioritize or to prefer or to influence one/ some of these at different times.

But it would be proper and practical to acknowledge some simple facts without being too hypocritically questioning them like it is better to be unhappy with money than to be unhappy without money; better to be sick with a treatment available rather than being sick without any treatment; it is better to be hypocritical with a socially respectable  employment ensuring or survival guaranteeing qualification rather than to be hypocritical without any such qualification etc.

So happily hovering in hypocrisies and hollowness, hibernating in hope, hysterically hopping around in hype, hitchhiking the mind to identities are all hazards of habitation of human species. We may get irritated but we cannot avoid them.

I am concluding with four links:-
1.    On emotions and relationships with many sub links

2.    On literacy but with an important sub link on formal education.

3.    On perception.

4.    Why we all compare.

We are in the dark about what is reality. Our search for meaning of life and reality is unending but not worthless and must always continue but we must try to make life as meaningful and as enjoyable an experience simultaneously because our life span has an expiry date.

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