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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Almost all corporate honchos are used to dealing through mediators/brokers/contacts/ to get things done or to work with next election minding politicians or hypocritical leaders who were keen to project an image of great statesmanship which would propel them into the orbit of gentlemen heroes.

For the first time they are dealing with someone with a clear vision and mission and who prefers national welfare in terms of economic development which can deliver both long term and sustained benefits through well established institutions of governance without room of much manipulations and corruption.

So it will take some time for many to understand this type of functioning. For 67 long years, we, as a nation were planning to plan to perform to a planned short term goals, gains for the selected few. That's why out of the 400 plus districts less than 25 are developed with all infrastructure and institutions in place.

MODI does not bother and need not bother about any one of these people because he is neither bothered about his ego or next election but the economy in the long term. A very important and relevant priority for the nation with so many youth.

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