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Friday, May 8, 2015

Emotions and relationship

Role of relationships in emotions rather than emotions in relationships.

Since you have chosen to open a group and also you have been posting lot of positive stuff on emotions, I smelled my prey; you are in trouble with an onslaught of long write ups from me.

We, I mean most of us, when we discuss about emotions think they weave around our relationships but on the contrary how we relate, how we evaluate, what context in which we relate etc , very often define our emotions.

All emotions are always waiting to be mined or manifested. They do so when we relate. For example we may be in a very happy mood enjoying a picnic when all of a sudden we get a news of  a tragedy we immediately  express [manifest] emotions of sorrow; we may be in  a happy mood when all of sudden someone starts abusing us without any reason we manifest our emotion of anger;  a child may be good at singing but no one would have ever bothered to notice, much less encourage its talent, when it gets an opportunity then it will gleefully sing [ emotion mining] its soul out. So basically emotions emanate, manifest through different reactions, actions, thoughts, ideas, words etc depending on how we relate or want to relate and that in turn is mostly determined our innate attributes and acquired attitudes and contexts.

Actually emotions when groomed and carefully molded in tune with one’s innate attributes and well developed attitudes can work wonders.

So relationships and contexts define, delineate, and deliver different emotions.
Here are some of my blog posts on relationships and contexts written at different times, written more as a thought flow of reactions to some situations. I am yet to sit down check even the spelling, punctuation etc.

However, in order not to omit anything I am giving links to most of the stuff. Some of them may clarify the role of relationships in emotions rather than emotions in relationships.

Morality itself is contextual.

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