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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Women’s Freedom and feminism

Women’s Freedom

What is freedom for feminism? Why is it delayed and discussed very often but never delivered?
Can it be achieved if it is approached like a macroeconomic project or do we require the attitudinal changes to be effected at micro level?

The freedom gets delayed very often due to the very way and the terminological / the doctrinal cages within which we discuss and debate the issue.

Again the mistake is reducing one gender of human beings as only physical objects and discussing everything around that premise but unfortunately that is and has been the trend from time immemorial.

The malady is not confined to only casting women in the mold of certain shapes, sizes and figures, the insult goes beyond merely physical it goes on to psychological, social, cultural, religious etc biases based on various factors many of which are justified as aspects of tradition, as if all other aspects of tradition, involving men are carried on intact.

The role of women has been required to be the same whereas that of men have changed and enjoyed all the privileges, sometimes at the cost of women, from the time men were, at least some, hunting tribes to now haunting rapists.

This does not mean that I am pandering to some ultra revolutionist ideas to score some brownie points But this also does not mean that we must forsake or forget or view negatively à la certain professional feminist groups questioning the importance given to certain biologically determined superior roles  that the feminine gender is blessed with [like being a mother and giving birth to another life] as if it is a limiting factor , on the contrary what a great joy and privilege it is, to be a mother.

Two dangerous approaches which will never allow larger sections of human beings the actual plight/progress preventing aspects of womanhood are: - one scripting sensational stuffs, adrenal provoking preaching or leftists’ one sided sloganeering with a selective/narrow hidden agenda/propaganda of finding faults or provoking a sense of perennial victim hood only with particular social/religious systems and two producing sickening status quo promoting far rightists’ traditionalism.

Both these approaches prevent us from taking notice of /being aware of how the whole society inflicts pain, indoctrinates its predefined identities on womanhood and curtails their freedom in many areas of activities, and, in addition, these approaches also prevent us from gradually rectifying the mistake at every micro level within each family by creating atmospheres to ensure enough freedom to women as very often to deny freedom to them men have very handy  existing literature, prejudices, traditions etc to justify the stand.

Constant ideological indoctrination has also erased self love from the hearts of many women.

So, through these write ups I have tried my level best to portray my observations, reactions [ of  appreciation and empathy towards women]  and disgust at social perceptions and treatment and how they impact the lives of women in general. Some of these have been published in some magazines long back.

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