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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

why we Indians need to continue to promote carnatic music?

why we Indians need to continue to promote  carnatic music?

Because bharatha  the very word used to name our great country  mean 'bha' for bhakthi[dedication or devotion with sincerity ]- ra –for rakthi –emotional content that is bhava of the soul [doing with passion] and tha for thanmaythvam- aesthetc quality [ not a mere entertainment for pleasure but a mode of artistic experience  for peace and joy]

Dear brothers and sisters, we the members of a family, the family of classical music lovers either as performing artists, organizers or as rasikas. We all must realize the uniqueness of great classical carnatic compositions and therefore promote them.

They are unique because they are beyond different scales of observation and various modes of perception. Two concepts different scales of observation and various modes of perception require clarification.

As for as scales of observation is concerned there cannot be a better explanation than what  Lecomte du Nouy explains in his wonderful book HUMAN DESTINY
“from the standpoint of man it is the scale of observation which creates the phenomenon. Every time we change the scale of observation we encounter new phenomena. On our scale of human observation, as pointed out before, the edge of a razor blade, is a continuous line. On the microscopic scale, it is a broken but solid line. On the chemical scale we have atoms of iron and carbon. On the sub-atomic scale we have electrons in perpetual motion which travel at the rate of several thousand miles per second. All these phenomena are in reality the manifestations of the same basic phenomenon, the motions of the electrons. The only difference which exists between them is the scale of observation."

Then coming to various modes of perception.

We are all aware our perceptions are the result of our conditioning produced by the limited deposits of information, thoughts, experiences etc and the   circumstantially prompted conditioning communicated  through the neurotransmitters as assumptive perception called as transactionism
[ psychology of perception]. This is often explained by the simple example that while we are sitting inside a train waiting to proceed on a journey when the train in the adjacent track moves we feel for a moment as if our train is moving. This is because the message has been already sent to the brain that we are expecting to move and therefore the assumptive perception takes place instead of the factual perception that would have happened  if we were sitting in the station master’s room and viewing the same movement of the train.

Classical music appeals to all of us because as I said earlier that it is beyond different scales of observation and various modes of perception. What I mean by it is that it is beyond the realms of ordinary observations and perception as the compositions have  been handed over by divine souls and they bear the manifestation of spiritually charged bhakthi.

We the children of bharatha matha must promote these art forms because the very word bharatha mean bha for bhakthi- ra –for rakthi –emotional content that is bhava of the soul and tha for thanmaythvam- aesthetc quality.

Bhakthi is one of the best and easiest means to enlightenment when it is offered through music there is nothing better than that. Classical carnatic compositions have not been intellectually constructed  note by note with scientifically studied acoustic arrangement of  permutation of notes, scales etc. They are the results of the experiences  of the souls imbued with divine and spiritual vibrations. The compositions are imbued with bhakthi, lyrical splendor, intuitive luminosity with an underlying rhythm and note of the soul and divine spirit

As we are all endowed with a divine soul too they appeal to us and we feel their aesthetic beauty. As Helen Keller has said, “ the most beautiful and best things in the world cannot be seen or touched but must be felt”

Let us therefore promote in all possible ways by all possible means classical carnatic music with passion and enthusiasm, incidentally the word enthusiasm  is from the Greek word meaning ‘god within us’. What better way to realize the god within us than through divine music.

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