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Friday, July 4, 2014


Look at my background and where I came from — to be president of an iconic...
For anyone for that matter the balancing act is difficult with too many activities each equally important from its own perspective but in my humble opinions these can and must be balanced for both the healthy individual and a healthier society. it is all too complicated to oversimplify and pop off high sounding arm chair advices but as a start what needs to be done primarily is at the individual level prioritize things , issues, problems, personalities at each movement and at domestic , social and cultural level all must make the necessary changes that go with the times, trends, situations etc which is primarily about lot of voluntary sharing and caring , in short reciprocation and mutual adjustments. Life is a constant process of adjustment and learning because the world is constantly changing wherein roles and responsibilities are determined by a sense of co operation rather than competition , comparisons , criticisms , condemnations and old culturally and socially indoctrinated attitudes. These simple primary steps will enhance relationships within the family and the society .

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