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Friday, July 11, 2014

Modern Journalism kills content and language

Modern Journalism kills content and language. Unfortunately the craze for news reporting, brief interviewing of many people for TRP rating, reporting based on mere statistical data drilling, sensationalism's impatient adrenal force abbreviating even news items which require in depth reporting etc have killed long , content wise rich and language wise enjoyable narrative and descriptive writings/essays in almost all spheres in India. Whereas the British, French and American news papers and journals do not do that. So to fulfill that thirst I read them through sites like

I always feel that write ups must be admirable like good attires- attractive, adorning and cover up everything well enough and provoke  the imagination, thinking, analysis, appreciation of the whole or parts of the attire or anatomy to the reader's taste, aesthetic sensitivity intelligence and understanding.

Before I wrote that essay on NRMs I read 128 books, and for that PPT on Science versus religion I read again 100 plus books and still have unread some 50 plus books in that category. I read them, took notes, analyzed and kept them aside . Then went on a journey of my own observations based on my limited perception and unlimited prejudices. Then merged both, pruned a little here and there and saw the final picture as a painter would on a canvas and decided it was worth delivering as an exploratory essay, not the original elaborate one.


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