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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Approach to appreciate, adopt, assimilate, accommodate or at least to adjust;

Befriend, being made of the same source;

Care to connect and stay connected with conviction;

Deal dearly to develop mutually;

Empathize and encourage;

Fulfill the needs; 

Gear up to give and take;

Help and highlight the need to help;

Intermingle to initiate intelligent interactions;

Join jovially;

keep up kindly to the expectations;

Link loyally and lovingly and loving the link;

Make meaningful moves to meet the needs;

Nullify narrow and negative notions;

Offer to cooperate in all good opportunities;

Participate proactively to promote progress and peace;

Quit quarrels; 

Reach out   to remind the roots to everyone;

Savor for the space between words and the silence between sounds;

Take a trip to the source and become more resourceful;

Understand the ubiquitous unity of the life force;

Value the intrinsic aspects;

Work for a worthy world of wisdom;

Yoke the light weighted heart;

Zoom into zealous raptures.

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