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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Law and legal profession

Good North meets South. 

With legal knowledge, rich experience, thanks to great exposure and good company and sharp intellect I wish your team inherits a wisdom of understanding that values concern for socio-cultural sensitivities ( pride in ancestry of Bharath Matha) and sensibly evaluates facts with contextual relevance without upsetting the sense of balance of rationality and humanism while taking care of the imperatives of larger socio- economic considerations ( hope for the future) and deliver not only the usual justice based on jugglery of verbal nuances but an interpretation of cases that prioritize lasting ethical and institutional values for posterity to cherish.

This will restore the much needed confidence and respect to the profession.

Once again wishing  your team all the best not to compromise on most of the above aspects.

That's why perhaps very often people say legal frame work, what gets painted/ projected within the frame work is more vital.


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