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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Gobalisation over Isolationism

Some sane leaders amid power mongering and passion whipping political schemers.

1. Isolationism and xenophobia are extensions of bossy insolence of racial and colonial mindsets and in some cases excessive ethnocentric pride in one's ancestry.

2. The world is seen better through both microscope and telescope and look at the inherent interconnections and possibilities of synergy among most of the things that are visible through both.

3. Some leaders have mostly been brutally frank on facts and foreign relations.

4. Certain cultures have allowed humanity the freedom to brush with reality as it evolves beyond and besides the predetermined templates of doctrinaire confines and ideological cages.

5.  No nation or culture or political system or any ideology can afford to get isolated based on any of its past credentials be it past economic power or cultural supremacy or intellectual or political power.

6. It is obvious that the world is so inextricably connected irrespective of whether a nation wants to or not. So, any attempt at isolationism is nothing but idiotic self imposed punishment.

7. Every new technology was visualized or was supposedly intended to create a non- hierarchical,  decentralized functionality through quick communication channels ( telephone, radio, television, internet) and as a deterrent against war ( dynamite, nuclear,  submarines, planes ) but then, every now and then all of these well intended technologies were abused and misused.

8. What can really ensure a better life?
Which means a life of comfort, peace, sophistication, freedom, economic development, social welfare with a civilized and cosmopolitan outlook.

9. This requires an organic development through individual attitudes and collective socio- psychological approaches which are often either decided or dictated by the ruling political dispensation or dominant religious ideology. 

10. When the course or direction of these two (politics and religion) are not in sync with reality, then, there will be manifestations of insane activities and decisions.

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